Sanskrit is the worlds most ancient language. It means ‘perfected’. It is a vibrational language which simply means the sound of the word is the actual thing of form. This wonderful language is the blueprint of the universe, therefore as long as this universe existed, the language of Sanskrit has existed. This is why it is said that man never created this language. It is the song of the universe.

The underlying reality of everything, the source of our being is silence. The first movement from this ocean of silence is soft current that glides across the surface, creating a very subtle wave. This wave has a subtle sound and this sound can be heard as ‘om’

Om is known as the congealed Holy Spirit, it appears to arise from Silence, yet never for one instant can the wave be separate from the ocean. Yet it is from this subtle impulse that creation is experienced. From this first emanation of ‘om’ the entire building blocks of the universe is revealed. This revelation is experienced as sound, as its ethereal nature is experienced. This sound experience is the language of Sanskrit.


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