An invitation to your True Essence.

I first learnt to ascend some years ago because I felt that I was always disconnected with my being. I was often depressed and looking for a purpose to my existence. I tried numerous things to help me on my way, most of which I enjoyed, but they did not take me to fulfilment, they did not deliver me to what I would call wholeness. As I said, I did lots of things and I am grateful for what they gave me, but regardless of what I did I still felt there was something missing.

I discovered wholeness when I started Ascending!

In order for us to truly re-discover this wholeness, this peace and joy, we must learn to take the mind inward. The act of moving the mind inward is a skill and if done correctly, will cultivate an awareness of silence and space. This is meditation and the art of the Ishayas’ Ascension of the Bright Path. In this state there cannot be any resistance to movement of thought, or any controlling of emotions; one simply allows thoughts and emotions to arise. In this supreme act of surrender, a space of peace reveals itself automatically. However this attitude and approach of non-resistance is only part of successful Ascension. The other part is when we think the techniques in our minds.

Although this state is our natural state and it is simple, it usually requires a technique to move the mind into its natural state of silence. This is because the addiction to compulsive thinking is so ingrained that most don’t know how to re-discover their natural state. This is where the techniques of Ascension are invaluable.

The techniques of the Ishayas are called Ascension Attitudes. They are easy to use mental techniques that we think, just like any other thought. They are specifically designed to glide the mind back into its source naturally and simply. No belief at all is required; they work regardless of belief because belief is in the realm of the mind. The Ascension Attitudes take one beyond the limitations held in the mind into your infinite spacious essence.

This space is the vast space in which all life arises and disappears back into its Self. The expression of life changes, but the field of this infinite space is absolute and permanent. This space has been called many names, but the Reality of the experience is nameless.  The experience is everything.

We traditionally use these techniques with our eyes closed, like in meditation, but we can also use the same techniques with our eyes open, throughout our daily life.  This is important because true spirituality isn’t about going to another place, it isn’t about creating another form avoidance from any part of the world; it is about bringing your infinite essence into every part of your life. So eyes closed and eyes open practice is equally important.

My gratitude to this the teaching of Ascension is immense. My life is filled with so much grace. It is great gift to able to share it, for it has the inbuilt power to completely transform human life into greater waves of appreciation and love. It certainly continues to do that for me!

I have had the great fortune of teaching many people the Ishayas’ Ascension techniques and it has never ceased to amaze me the shifts in people right from the word go. It is a credit to the techniques of Ascension that this happens, with perhaps a little help from the teacher.

I would personally like to invite you to an introduction talk on the power and grace of the Ishayas Ascension of the Bright Path.

The Invitation is short, but the possibilities are boundless.

For further information about the Bright Path look at










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