Silent Songs to God

logoSilent Songs To God  –  Awaken with Words from the Silence GarudasBookweb

I first wrote the main part of the poems many years ago. It is an attempt to convey the wonder, awe and gratitude of a person recognizing their divinity.

Listen to each poem with a quiet heart, one at a time, and a myth may come alive within you.

Take what you need from it, disregard what you don’t and let us meet together in the light of God.

This book has a life of its own, its purpose is to hopefully inspire and enliven an experience of divinity within the reader. Even if just one person benefits then sharing these poems was an exercise well-worth undertaking.


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Book Reviews

‘These beautiful poems and writings convey the love and devotion that he so embodies. It is impossible to be in his presence and not feel like you are standing on the doorway to another world, another reality; one where magic is real and divinity is paramount. As I read this collection of his words, the experience was the same.’                                                                 Narain Ishaya, author of Chit Happens.

‘With Silent Songs to God, Garuda takes us on a joy-filled journey beyond the words on each page to the heart of eternal truth.  His words are not only to be read, but experienced, and for those open to letting the poems speak to their soul, Silent Songs of God invites us to wake up to recognition that we are one with the still silent presence of infinite consciousness.’                 Sandy C. Newbigging, best-selling author

‘Garuda has a unique ability to capture the essence of that which is Divine. His poems invoked both a passion and reverence for this present moment. I just loved reading his book and I hope that he writes many more.’                                                                                                                    Oliver Seligman – Author

‘Thus the myth is echoed throughout eternity,

Where no one can grasp Its smoke like substance,

Yet we dance to that silent song Our Father,our home’.

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