Garuda PicMost of my life I was searching for an experience that seemed to be different from what most others experienced in their lives. I was not content to settle for what most others found to be ‘ordinary’ nor did I want to fall into this kind of trance like state of just getting by in life. There had to be more to life than this! I often thought.

Because of this lack of contentment and being quite disillusioned by life it led me more and more inwards to seek the Truth. I tried various things religion, spirituality and science and although I enjoyed aspects of each of these things, none of them gave me an experience. Most of the time they remained conceptual.

In 1998 I learnt some ancient techniques from the Ishayas, and instantly it felt that I had come home. The weekend course transformed my life and for the first time in my life the emptiness I so often felt inside was full of Joy.  I felt connected, full of life and I had purpose!

Since 2001 my life has unfolded in wonderful ways, teaching around the world, teaching courses on the Bright Path Meditation techniques and courses on the ancient Vedic teachings. It has led me to the most amazing inspiring people.

My life has meaning because I have a constant awareness of my natural state. This state is one of silent peace and presence, this state is eternal. It is a constant invitation to let go into the infinite simplicity of this silent awareness.

In the deepest sanctuary of the my heart lies the gratitude to the eternal tradition of the Ishayas for once again it found me, picked me up and carried me home.

…to my Teacher

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