Sanskrit Made Simple.


Sanskrit Made Simple

Sanskrit is more than simply a language. It is a  technology of consciousness, an ancient technology into the subtleties of the mind and universe. It is a subtle science into the blueprints of creation. Since creation is universal, it can be quite accurately put that Sanskrit does not belong to any country, region or religion. Anyone with a refined enough nervous system can cognise the pure sounds of creation.

Sanskrit means perfected, since it cannot be said to have been created by the human mind. The entire Sanskrit show emanates directly from the primal sound of creation ‘OM’. Within the subtle matrix of ‘OM’ this universe appears, the diversities of sounds and colours that we call Life. Yet it is forever contained within the grace of OM.

The blueprints of the creation are of an etheric nature, this is made up of sound. Each of the 16 vowels and 25 consonants when correctly uttered activate a certain marma point (meridian) channel in the nervous system, sending subtle life force into that particular channel. This in turn energises certain parts of the subtle and physical body. As these channels become purified simply by the vibrational quality of the sound, the mind begins to touch ever subtler levels of experiencing ultimately revealing a world of sheer beauty and joy.

When one states accurately anything in Sanskrit, its meaning, purpose and form is directly known in completeness. There is one entry point into the depths of Sanskrit and it is not to be found in books (although they can be helpful). The gateway into discovering the near infinite beauty of Sanskrit is in the present moment!

From this moment the world changes from a linear dimension of time and space into a universal field of exploration. To start there is what the seers of old did, and the full majesty of this exploration is open to any human right here and now. This is an alive power, in this ever present experience of Infinite Intelligence.

The structure of Sanskrit is called ‘devanagari’. Deva means god and Nagari means serpent. The entire Sanskrit alphabet Structure is perfectly formed to lead one back to awareness of divinity. The serpent is the power of consciousness and it is this quality of consciousness that leads one directly into freedom.

I have studied Sanskrit for many years and really it is only now am I beginning to realise the potential of this sublime timeless language. Let the show begin!

Jai Isham Ishvaram

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