Discerning the Infinite Me from the “Mini Me”


There seem to be two beings in everyone. 

One is eternal and infinite; total peace.  In this experience of me, there are never any problems, nor are there any concerns about the past of future.

The second being is one which is purely mind-created and it is driven by lack. It’s sole purpose is to keep the ‘mini me,’ or the limited me, in play. Basically, it’s all about a separate ‘me’. The Reality is, we are infinite and eternal, therefore it is an impossibility for there to be anything else! If there were, the Infinite would not be Infinite, would it?

In order for this to be our direct experience we need to be attentive to what is happening in our minds. We need to become familiar with those thoughts that we believe define who we are.  The more we watch, the more subtle the mind becomes.

My mini me has a favourite line. That line constantly says, “what about me, what about me?”  I can choose to listen to that voice in my head, which is very tiring and leads ultimately to suffering, or I can choose to see through its unreality and rest back in the silent space within me. It is through my experience of what happens if I listen to the “mini me’s” demands, and my experience of what happens if I ignore them and choose for authentic being, that wisdom and discernment grow within. The ability to choose for the Truth is the greatest gift any of us can have!

The trick for me is not to judge or analyze these thoughts. I simply allow them to arise and watch. If I pay no attention to the incessant demands of the limited me, but I am aware. I introduce an Ascension Attitude, then watch and let what is left of myself to dissolve into that silent space. Ah Bliss!!

By watching this “mini me,” and thinking an Ascension Attitude you will, at some point, become aware of these supposedly two beings. One is permanent, therefore real, and one is changeable, therefore unreal. What is unreal was never truly real to begin with, although it can ‘seem’ quite real at times. Nevertheless, the mini me isn’t real…It is a voice of an outdated past and we have all grown too big for it. It’s time to let it go.

To discern what is real and what is unreal, or perhaps to put it more accessibly for some, to choose to disregard that which creates pain and to move towards peace and joy, is the essence of Ascension, and of all spirituality.

Mini me or silent peace, that’s the question.

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