The Path of Joy

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The Path of Joy


The Teacher asked ‘who here is willing to walk through hell to experience freedom’? All the students raised their hands without hesitation, such was their commitment. The Teacher then asked ‘who is willing to walk through Heaven to experience freedom; immediately there was suspicion from some of the students’.


The Bright Path is an ancient path taught by the Ishayas. It is an eternal tradition that comes from the deepest depths of antiquity. The teaching draws its wisdom from the absolute clarity of Truth and shares in freely to anyone who desires to listen. As one begins to touch this Truth, this Stillness within, one’s being begins to light up with Joy. There is no objective reason other than subjectively one is easily and effortlessly removing the barriers to the Bliss of existence!

It is said that to find a true path, a path which can direct you into freedom, is a rare thing. There are few paths that can actually do it, although there appears to be many! Anyone who finds themselves on the Bright Path is indeed blessed, for they have the potential to reduce what would have taken a long long time to wake up into freedom, into a relatively short period of time.

The Bright Path honours the totality of Life. For those who wish to walk the path it promises 200% of life, knowing 100% total freedom on the inside and 100% on the outside.

Another name for the Bright Path is the Path of Joy. It is a Path of increasing illumination into the heart of divinity within. In any true spiritual pursuit we are increasingly resting in our natural state; a state whereby Joy is experienced as our natural state.

It is for this reason that the Bright Path is a relatively swift path into fulfilment. It also makes the path very simple. Yet it is because of this simplicity, it makes it so powerful, so transformational. It doesn’t require effort at all to walk the path of Joy, all that it requires is to let go of our limitations easily and naturally and what is revealed once our illusions are dropped is the Reality of the immense light of our being.

One of the reasons why it is only through Happiness that we can walk into freedom is because we are never as full of our ego as when we are unhappy. When we are unhappy we are bound to a very limited sphere of experiencing. It is impossible to know our natural state and be unhappy.

On the other hand happiness reveals our lightness of being which acts as a lubricant into freedom. We are never so empty of ego when we are in true joy! Isn’t this so?

But whatever the experience the Bright path can take anyone by the hand and gently, gracefully and with no effort, we can dance into freedom.

This is not an old path, nor is it a new path, the Bright Path a timeless Path. Outside the conventions of the limited mind, it is bound by the Grace that is life and it is from this Grace that it draws its power.

Anyone who stumbles upon this yellow brick road has done so quite deliberately!

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